Library From My Point of View

Subjects are taken from my personal experiences as an ex-student of Library Management and Information.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Librarian Without Cataloguing Skills

By: Halytobe
I remembered when lecturer told me that what differentiate librarian and others is the ability to master cataloguing skills. Well, that is not good news to me as I’m poor in this subject. I’ve got straight C for cataloguing in 2 semesters. However, my dislike of the subject suddenly disappeared when I being one of the practical student in Ministry of Information.
Cataloguing is not as hard as before. That day, I learned copy cataloguing. I really enjoyed copy cataloguing. I could do better by just staring at the monitor of the screen. All I need to do is search the keyword by author, title or ISBN number, copy the result founded and paste it into the system. Lastly, click OK button and automatically, it can be found in the system.
What I’ve experience was a real job. The person that does it is not a librarian. In fact, she’s just subordinate. She can do it although she still learning. I know this because I could see lot of book not being catalogue. She don’t have IT background but she could do the job – isn’t that great!
So, does librarian need to learn cataloguing? Yes, because librarian need to guide and check the job done, whether it’s correct or not. But I’ve seen librarian who forget cataloguing because they’re too busy to do other things. Librarian needs to learn new things especially IT related such as creating website, database management, network system and etc.
I’m sure most of the libraries in this country only hired SPM level to be as a librarian. Just check the advertisement in the paper, where private sector especially local college loved to hire them to save cost. Luckily, things are better in government sector where they want a relevant degree or diploma in library or equivalent to get on the job.

For sure, cataloguing is still an important skill to be thought because the systems demanded it. These systems – cataloguing, classification, subject heading and etc are on side to side with each other’s.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reading is Not A Habit

By: Halytobe

It’s a shame to see that reading habit is still a problem today. Although the government had organized lots of campaigns, the progress was not good as it should be. I have listed 3 main reasons here that can be referred as the main cause of this issue.

Parent do not encourage their children to read because they are not aware the important of reading. The habit comes automatically when an exam period is coming. If parent do not force their children to read book in an early age, then it’s hard to tell them later. This scene will be pass on to the next generation.

The existence of library had become crucial especially in the rural area. People will come if the library exists plus promotion. There are still lacks of libraries in all states. To my knowledge, government had a plan to add more libraries but it need more time to do it.

Because there are less libraries, then people seeks information and knowledge through books shop. But again, the prices are high and the collections are limited. If fact, there is not enough books especially in Bahasa. English is still a main problem for most of Malaysian although their language isn’t too bad.

Little Argument

English is not the main reasons because people still can seeks knowledge in different kind of languages. Yes, are not enough translation from English to others but you still can find book in Bahasa in which talk about IT.

The Internet has more than a library could offers. However, people still preferred book and not ebook. People in rural area still lack of IT skills thus prevent them to use Internet. Others in urban area find it’s more satisfied to read book than to look at computer screen for a long time.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Library Is Still Existed?

By: Halytobe

Some people said that library would be soon wiped out from the screen of the earth by thousand of connected networks called Internet. At first I found it too scary because as a library management student, this is truly not good news at all. At the same time, I find it interesting to imagine a library without a wall or library with no books in it.

Many years had passed since the issue stuck in my head. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of changes especially on the Internet where virtual library had become common things today. But the main point is, the library is still existed. The number of libraries was still growing due to economic performance in Malaysia. Most of the companies or organization had their own private library. This is not includes public libraries in the urban and rural are

I believe this is not an issue at the moment. Although there are lots of virtual library out there, Internet is just a tool to ‘sell’ the library product and services. By doing that, more user are aware of what the library had offer and use them effectively especially if they’re located far in the rural area. In short, Internet makes it easier for the user to use the facilities and to know what they offer

Everyone heard about the Internet but some of them preferred go to the real library. To access the Internet, they must have some basic skill about the computer and how to use the Internet. This must be hard for older people and for young people who don’t know about it. Other does know how to use it but they are more fun things to do like chatting, emailing and etc. Besides, it’s hard to stare at the monitor for long time cause it ‘kill’ the eye

Library itself has much to offer for it users. While in virtual, you only can see the monitor, read and do nothing, library provides good facilities and better environment. Some people prefer to read in calm and comfortable atmosphere while other take their children play in the children area. There also discussion area where you can make ‘noise’ with your friends, audio or video collection and Internet facility too. In fact, the user or patron makes the library live.

It’s a good environment to have real library as a building and virtual library for Internet users. Both sides of the people can use them as effectively as they can do. At the end, it’s the dissemination and acquisition of information that is more important to be stressed. Library will continue to transform from what its now to others – there’s no such thing as library dooms day.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hot Spot For Lovers

By Halytobe

The title sounds stupid but the thing is, this issue is still happening. Miss use of library as a hot spot to make a date or to fulfill personal needs, cannot be tolerate. It all occurred in university library where most of their users are students. It’s not false to fall in love with girls or guys but when they used library as their hot spot, it must me something wrong here.

Why library? Common! Just go to the cinema, find yourself popcorn with cola and watch the movies or if you like fresh air, feel free to go to the park and spend a moment with your love one watching time goes by

To investigate the issue here, I decided to find out myself. Oh I’m not going the library now but instead I can use my past experience plus a bit imagination to know why library is the best hot spot for lovers.

Well, to make it short, I’m standing in front of library, a university library. I’m entering the library and slowly passing the reference area. As time goes, I start to feel cold, but luckily I wearing a sweater. There! I find myself a spot, at the end of the corner of the reading room

I take a sit and feel comfortable. From here, I can see others but they busy with their own business, that’s what you call it as ‘privacy’. It’s so quite here that I find the atmosphere turn up to be romantic. I close my eyes and imagine someone accompany me.

Suddenly, what I’m imagine turn out to be true. A pretty young girl standing in front of me and start to introduce herself. Oh God! Am I too adorable? She puts her books at the table and sit on the seat beside me. If you do not look closer, you may find that were studying or discussing about assignment, but actually its not true. We start chatting and sometimes I made funny jokes. Luckily she likes me and we flirting each other. Oh I feel great.

Opss, do I miss something here. I’m not paying anything to enter the library. As a student I have the access of all the facilities provided by the library. That means that I can spend long time with her, as long as the library’s not close! – Another great thing about library

Well, im back to reality and below I have listed 3 reasons why library is the hot spot for lovers.

  • Library environment - Cold, comfortable, privacy, quite and romantic.
  • Free and can be access until it’s close.
  • Pretend to be study but actually, it’s not true

For me, Yes! You can come to library with your girlfriend or boyfriend, because there’s nothing wrong about it. But make sure that you use the library like anyone else – reading, searching for information, studying and discussing etc. Respect library, as it’s one of the center that makes people enlightened. By doing that, other user of library will respect you too!